Watch Dogs Legion Overheats Xbox One X Consoles

Ubisoft will release a patch to fix the issue.

By Fragnarok, Posted 28 Oct 2020

Watch Dogs Legion releases on the 29th of October, but multiple early reviewers from sites like Eurogamer, EGM, and The Gurdian are reporting a game breaking bug effecting Xbox One X consoles. After only a few hours of play the Xbox One X will begin to overheat and enter emergency shutdown mode to prevent major damage. While the console cools it will not turn on in order to troubleshoot the issue or play a different game in the meantime.

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I've been playing Watch Dogs Legion for a few days, but like several other reviewers I spoke to, I encountered a critical bug that bricked my console a few hours into the story content. I'm delaying the review until it's patched - but I can only suggest you don't buy it yet.

-Keza MacDonald (@kezamacdonald), October 28, 2020

This issue does not seem to affect standard Xbox One systems, only the enhanced Xbox One X (which Ubisoft still recommends). Other games like Borderlands 3 had a similar Xbox One X issue. Ubisoft is already aware of the issue and will release a fix shortly after commercial launch. While this will help the vast majority of players, there will still possibly be a handful of people without internet connection that will wind up purchasing an unplayable game.

Kurtis Seid, NoobFeed

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