Did You Know Gaming? Locates Lost Game Boy Add-On After 28 Years

Video game researcher Liam Robertson locates lost Game Boy add-on

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Dec 2020

The Game Boy is one of the most notorious and successful gaming systems of all time. Revolutionizing gaming by providing an ideal handheld experience that allowed Nintendo to dominate the handheld gaming market until mobile gaming rose up. The original Game Boy had a lot of add-ons, third and first-party and some were lost to history. One, in particular, was the WorkBoy. An add-on that would provide an array of productivity applications by connecting a keyboard to the Game Boy through a link cable.

The reason this item is legendary is that it was never released. However, video game research Liam Roberson went dumpster diving for any information regarding the product's creation, failure, and any way to recover a unit to show. Robertson has combined his entire investigation into 1 video with a demo version shown during the video and the necessary software needed to run the item obtained through pirates.

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