14 minutes New Footage of Horizon Forbidden West Looks Outstanding

Check out the new enemies and mechanics in Horizon Forbidden West

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 May 2021

Guerrilla Games finally revealed new gameplay footage for the highly anticipated Horizon Forbidden West. Giving players a glimpse at the combat, new tools for Aloy, combat options, and the new threat that looms on the horizon.

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The trailer opens with Aloy finding Erend's camp has been raided and Aloy must find her friend. When searching she finds Raiders called the Tenakth tribe have learned how to overwrite machines, showing the first new machine a raptor-like creature called a Clawstrider. Aloy avoids the creatures who chase her and we see the new transversal system. Using her focus Aloy can highlight climbable terrain.

Aloy finds Erend imprisoned by the raiders and she gives chase. Facing against some raiders in Erend's camp where Aloy shows off the Valor Surge. A chargeable item used in combination with her spear to take down the larger enemy and expose a weakness in his armor.

Horizon Forbidden West,NoobFeed,Guerrila Games,

Heading deeper Aloy overwrites a Clawstrider and finds Erand but must fight against a mammoth machine called the Tremortusk. Using her grappling hook, adhesive bombs, and a Shield Wing to take down the creature. The trailer ends with Aloy saving Erend and leaving off a location she'll need to travel to while a large storm approaches.

From this demo, we learned that Aloy can now use a grappling hook for better mobility and a Shield Wing to glide down areas. 

Horizon Forbidden West,NoobFeed,Guerrila Games,

Valor Surges can be used to take down enemies heavily armored. Adhesive grenades, launchers with explosive spikes, smoke bombs and use the enemy weapons by shooting them off enemies. 

Horizon Forbidden West is in development for PS4 and PS5.

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