Nintendo Switch OLED Model Revealed, It Has A Bigger Screen

New Switch model confirmed

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Jul 2021

Despite numerous claims from Nintendo, a new Nintendo Switch is coming this year. Called the OLED screen model this version has a bigger screen.

Nintendo Switch,NoobFeed,

No word if this system has better performance but you would assume Nintendo would lead with that if this Switch was more powerful.

The system will include a 7-inch screen, built-in LAND port, larger stand, better speakers, and 64 GB internal storage. It'll retail for $349.99, $50 more than the original Switch model, and release to the public this October 8th in all black or black and white.

It's a small improvement, especially in storage, but nothing significant. Many Switch owners have complained about the system sounding like a Jet Engine when playing performance-demanding games in handheld mode. Many were hoping for a 4K model and were willing to pay for it but perhaps Nintendo is saving that for a later date. Nintendo is notorious for selling various special editions of their consoles and if necessary Nintendo could release a newer model when sales begin to dip. That's my guess.

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