Team-Based Tactical Action Veiled Experts Revealed

Pre-Registration and Global Open Beta to start soon for VEILED EXPERTS through the official website and Steam.

By SnowWhite, Posted 28 May 2022

NEXON has revealed that their next PC online game, formerly referred to as 'Project D,' will be called Veiled Experts. Veiled Experts is a third-person tactical game developed by NEXON Games, a subsidiary game company of NEXON Korea. The game takes place in ever-changing fighting landscapes and features five on five cooperative action between nine different agents.

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Veiled Experts has expanded strategic components, unique tactical equipment, character-specific talents that modify gameplay each time, and seven rounds of realistic combat action – creating a dynamic field and dramatic mission.

From the name of the secret organization in the game's universe, "VX," comes the phrase "Veiled Experts," which refers to the group's spies sent out on missions throughout the globe.

Steam's worldwide open beta test is slated to commence on June 9 at 12:01 am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) after Korea's successful closed alpha test. Pre-registration for the Steam version of Veiled Experts will be open from May 27 through June 7 for anyone who wants to participate. Beta testing will begin on June 9 for those who have pre-registered, and the open beta test will start on June 13 for those who have not pre-registered.

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