VAIL VR's Open Beta Begins on Steam on July

Prepare for a challenging summer of the virtual reality competition with VAIL VR.

By SnowWhite, Posted 28 Jun 2022

The Open Beta for VAIL VR, a hyper-realistic competitive VR shooter, will be released on Steam on 1st July. Players can now sign up to participate in the Upload VR Showcase through Steam after the announcement was made with a new teaser. VR shooter VAIL VR presents an immersive and difficult experience that is unrivaled in the virtual reality world using the advanced capabilities of VR technology.

To celebrate the introduction of VAIL VR's Open Beta, the first major competitive event will begin its pre-season in the coming weeks. The main finals will be placed in Miami later this year, with a financial prize pool up for grabs for the victors.

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Team Deathmatch and Artifact are two of the multiplayer modes available in VAIL VR, which pits two teams of five players against each other. Traditionally, the side with the most eliminations wins in a Team Deathmatch. In VAIL's characteristic game mode, Artifact, players are tasked with scouring the landscape for valuable artifacts. An attacker's scanner may be used to harvest data from a predetermined area, known as an Artifact site, in this form of play. The Defenders, on the other hand, are tasked with defending the Artifacts with their lives.

Vibrant graphics and full-body motion make VAIL VR an excellent choice for anyone who wants a virtual reality experience without the need for extra tracking technology. The first-person shooting experience is pleasant and precise thanks to the game's ultra-realistic realism. An in-game voice chat system allows participants to communicate with one other during gameplay.

Open Beta registrations are now open on VAIL VR's Steam page for anyone who wants to participate when Beta testing starts on July 1.

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