Final Fantasy XVI Fully Ready for Release and Store Distribution

Sensation of wind from the Final Fantasy XVI world's air being integrated into the haptics of the PS5 controllers.

By Rayan, Posted 07 Apr 2023

After last week's Final Fantasy XVI Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LXXVI, we can safely say that Final Fantasy XVI is ready for release. The final stages of development have been completed, and the game is now in a playable state and ready for distribution. Going gold just under three months after the initial release date is a fantastic indicator that bug fixing has proceeded smoothly. During the event, Naoki Yoshida(Yoshi P) admitted that no game is completely bug-free. However, they emphasized that the majority of the significant ones they discovered have been fixed, and prospects for this game are bright.

With Final Fantasy XVI, a brand-new mainline entry featuring fresh protagonists, settings, and plots, Square Enix appears confident in regaining the series' fans. Even those who are not necessarily excited about the action-based gameplay being present and then switching to turn-based combat now for almost 20 years.  The game will have a performance mode and a 4K mode, but we haven't seen any footage in those resolutions yet. The 4K footage of the world was uploaded by Square Enix Germany, but for some reason, it was made private and later deleted.

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In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, Final Fantasy XVI Director Hiroshi Takai said that the game would fully use the PlayStation 5's SSD and memory to allow seamless integration of combat animations and game cutscenes. Interestingly, he mentioned the sensation of wind from the world's air being integrated into the haptics of the controllers. Therefore, the player can tangibly experience all the intricate details in the game.

The game's story will go beyond anything done in the Final Fantasy series. The game has its share of dark moments, but it also has its share of bright ones. We'll follow the protagonists as they try to make the world a better place, experiencing the ups and downs of their journey firsthand. Even if that is the aim, there is no assurance that they will achieve it. This game takes an unexpected turn by having the heroes suffer a defeat, which will surprise many fans.

We had hoped to get some hands-on time with the game at E3, but the announcement that E3 2023 had been canceled has put those plans on hold for the time being. The release date for the PC version of Final Fantasy XVI has yet to be announced, but it will not be in 2023. We're only a few months away from its PlayStation 5 release on June 22, 2023, and it's enough for us to remain hyped for one of the most anticipated games of this year.

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