Unreleased Bloodborne PC Build Surfaces Online

It seems someone has spotted evidence that there may have been a PC build of Bloodborne.

By DShelley, Posted 22 May 2023

For well over 8 years now, fans and players have been asking for a PC release of FromSoftware's Gothic action game, Bloodborne, which was a PS4 exclusive and it would appear that the game already had a working PC build. Evidence of the PC version recently surfaced online, despite the studio refuting claims that there were plans on making a PC port.

Many consider Bloodborne to be one the best souls-like games to ever be released on the PlayStation platform, with its snappy and fast paced combat and diverse playstyles, it's no wonder that a PC version has been in such high demand. A Bloodborne PC port makes perfect sense, especially when you consider that Sony has been porting many of their prior exclusive releases, such as God of War (2018), Spider-Man and The Last of Us: Part 1, which saw a less than glamorous release.

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However, FromSoftware seems to have no intention in following this trend, as they are hard at work with the DLC content for Elden Ring and Armored Core 6, but that doesn't mean that a PC version was never in the works. The person behind the 60fps patch for Bloodborne, Lance MacDonald, noticed something rather peculiar with one of the game screenshots found in the fandom Wiki. The screenshot in question is of the Oil Pitchers and was contributed by none other than Marcos Domenech, an environmental artist who worked for FromSoftware between 2013-2017.

The screenshot's file uses a rather unusual naming convention, listed as "SRPJ-win64" – Where ‘win64’ is typically associated with a 64-bit version of Windows. This naming convention is reportedly used for any screenshots taken through a game's debug menu. Thanks to this screenshot, we now have evidence that proves that Bloodborne has a full PC version, due to the screenshot being taken in the Fishing Hamlet, which can only be accessed through the game's "Old Hunters" DLC. Lance then goes on to say that he himself has seen the game running on a PC and that the screenshot backs his claim.

If Lance is to be believed, then that would indeed prove that Bloodborne does in fact have a fully working PC version. This does however, beg the question as to why FromSoftware hasn't released a PC of the game, even though there is clear demand for it. There are a small group of fans that believe that perhaps this is because there is a sequel in the works, and the PC version will be released to promote it, similar to how God of War (2018)'s PC version released earlier the same year as God of War: Ragnarok. This is yet to be confirmed.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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