Cities: Skylines 2 Sets To Be 5 Times Bigger Than The Original

Being a great mayor comes with significant responsibilities. Cities: Skylines 2 aims for that motto quite literally.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 31 Jul 2023

Cities: Skylines, one of the best city-building simulators, is ready to have the sequel on the shelves soon. While the first game was received well by most of the players, the game's developers decided to take the franchise further with advancements and improvements. In the current market for city simulators, there is not much going on as the count of major titles does not pass fingers on a hand. Therefore, Cities: Skyline’s competition is a bit one-sided. No matter, as developers can still deliver a refreshing and the usual mechanics we came across within city-building simulators.

One of the best-rated features of Cities: Skylines was the massive play area provided by the game. Although it is expected that this genre should allow you to have a nice sandbox experience with vast amounts of space, Cities: Skylines 2 promises to take the limits further and allow players to create bigger cities. 

Of course, this will come with bigger responsibilities such as giving the cities their own division and taking care of them properly. The upscaling of the map information was provided by the developers, Colossal Order, with a gameplay spotlight video showcasing the new playable areas and what we can exactly do with it. This includes adding new themes and planning ahead depending on the land’s location on the Earth.

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In technical details, Cities: Skyline 2 will allow up to 441 tiles of space to work on, which means the playable area will be bigger almost 5 times than the first game with 159 km2 of customizable areas. Not only that, but players can choose which style their city will be modeled after, such as European and North American. As expected, the difference is the architectural integrity and some lifestyle changes are going to affect the gameplay. Along with these new additions, there are going to be imaginary cities from afar where you can have transportation routes to get your trade numbers up.

It seems like Cities: Skylines 2 is going to be more detailed and in-depth while keeping its visual and simple charm to it. The release date for Cities: Skyline is the 24th of October this year, and although there are still a few months left, this gives Colossal Order to showcase more new additions to the title and massively improve upon it. Cities: Skylines 2 will be released on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S this year and it is still highly anticipated by many fans of the series.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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