EA Sports FC 2024 Comes Bundled with a Physics Defying Sticky-Ball Bug

EA is aware of the bug in EA Sports FC 2024 and currently on fixing it as soon as possible.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 20 Oct 2023

With a recent release, EA is more relevant than ever with the EA Sports FC 2024 being on the shelves. Since the 90s, EA had the exclusive rights to Europe’s biggest championship, FIFA. However, things changed around 2024 and they had to drop the FIFA license, making them known for their brand name only. Although this would have dropped the interest rate on EA’s take on football games, it saw a massive player count on the first day.

With a new game comes new bugs, they say, and this is apparently true for EA Sports FC 2024 too. Around the late 2010s, football games went through a distinct change in their game engines. Back in the day, only the ball in the field was simulated while footballers usually showed static movements that were all the same for each footballer. The 2010s changed that with the real-time bone structure for footballer models, making footballer versus footballer actions a bit more extraordinary.

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Now that EA Sports FC 2024 is the latest title to include a separate model for each footballer in the field, things can get messy. There is a bug that recently surfaced in the game about having the ball glued to your player’s leg, making it able to run around with the ball and easily score by just running at the opposite goal. The bug is triggered by having something “Trickster Playstyle” on your footballer. By entering a combo, the trick with the ball ends up being stuck and cannot be separated until you score a goal.

EA stated that they are aware of the bug looking towards fixing it soon, but there is a big problem. Unfortunately, EA did not make the decision to cancel the Weekend League, the ranked mode of the game, which means the glitch might end up being abused to win matches. Maybe EA already has the fix but waiting for a suitable moment to ship it with an update for EA Sports FC 2024, who knows? All we know is that you should watch out for this bug and report anyone who abuses it in the matches until it's fixed.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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