Recent Update for Lords of the Fallen Makes Major Changes To The Game

Lords of The Fallen developer, Hexworks, has released the latest update for the game after community feedback.

By DShelley, Posted 24 Oct 2023

It's not every day we see a studio that actively tries to listen to its community in order to make their game a better experience. Hexworks and CI Games have just released the latest update for Lords of the Fallen, this update is meant to address the numerous bugs and issues that players have been experiencing, and has also made changes to its New Game+, based on player feedback. It looks like the game will be receiving a ton of post launch support from its developer, if this and the previous updates are anything to go by.

While Lords of the Fallen has been well received by most players and critics, the game has not had the smoothest release. The game has received numerous patches and updates but there are still issues with features such as CrossPlay, balancing problems and even performance issues such as stuttering and delayed input on the PC version of the game. Hexworks is taking this into consideration and has been steadily working on improving the game, based on player and community feedback.

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The most recent of these updates, Update 1.1.224, for Lords of the Fallen seems to address many of the major issues that players had with the game and have added a few highly requested changes, especially with New Game+. The biggest community request for Lords of the Fallen focused heavily on the game's Vestiges, a checkpoint system similar to save points in other Souls-like games. After the update, players will now have a variety of options on how they would like to restart their world, such as whether they'd like to continue in the world they're currently playing in or would they like to start a new one. Restarting a world will reset the difficulty, player character, character progression and items, as well as resetting all NPCs and quests.

Though New Game+ is the main focus of the update, it also makes some much-needed changes to the game's other features such as the enemy "Leashing" system. Enemies in Lords of the Fallen will now no longer pursue players constantly and will instead have a limit as to how far they can go from their initial spawn area. The studio has also updated players on Crossplay, which was recently disabled. Hopefully, we will continue seeing updates for Lords of the Fallen as Hexworks slowly improve the game, one update at a time.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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