An Elden Ring Adaptation Is Inevitable: George R. R. Martin Teases Possibilities

From the Lands Between to the Silver Screen.

By nine_toes, Posted 10 Jul 2024

Having won Game of the Year in 2022 and with rave reviews following its expansion 2 years later, there are rumors of an Elden Ring movie or TV adaptation in the works. This speculation comes from Hidetaka Miyazaki himself, the president of FromSoftware and the director in the making of Elden Ring. In a recent interview with The Guardian, he noted that FromSoftware is open to exploring a movie or a TV Show, but also acknowledged that they have no experience in working on the medium, so they would want a strong partner to aid them. George R. R. Martin has made a statement that can’t help but stir the pot of rumours going around at the moment.

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"Oh, and about those rumors you may have heard about a feature film or television series based on Elden Ring… I have nothing to say," Martin said coyly. "Not a word, nope, not a thing, I know nothing, you never heard a peep from me, mum mum mum. What rumor?" he added.

This, and a post in his blog, are indications, while not specific, towards the happenings of something behind the scenes related to an Elden Ring adaptation. While he acknowledges these rumors, he has not said anything directly about any movie or TV show being in the works. His statement regarding the matter rather unconvincingly implies he is oblivious to what is going on behind the scenes, but it is fairly clear that that is not the case.

A movie or TV show based on Elden Ring would be in good hands if Martin was the one in charge of it as he has experience in working on HBO’s Game of Thrones which is an adaptation based on his long running A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series. And of course, Martin also has been involved in the development of Elden Ring.

With this in mind, it would be interesting to see how the presentation of Elden Ring would translate onto media, given how FromSoftware has the reputation for defining genres and setting a standard for quality in their works, it is tough not to have high expectations, if such a project really is in the making. There is the added concern that FromSoftware have never delved into this field before, so only time will tell how this will pan out. No matter what, there is rich lore in Elden Ring with strong potential to be produced into something could change the landscape of video game adaptations, much like the TV adaptation of The Last of Us.

Ahnaf Tajwar
Editor, NoobFeed

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