Allison Road Cancelled

Spiritual successor to Silent Hill will not happen

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Jun 2016

Since the cancellation of Silent Hill many fans looked for another horror game to fill the void, and their prays were answered when Lilith Ltd. announced Allison Road. Sadly it has suffered the same fate and has been cancelled.

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No official word why but given the near end of its funding campaing on Kickstarter it was clear that the game wasn't going to meet its goal. It was becuase of Team17, the masterminds behind the Worms franchise, saved the game by taking over publishing duties last year.

Lilith released regular updates of the game's progression, even a forest area that players could explore.

Now the future of the studio is unclear but given that a lot was invested into Allison Road. The cancellation could've been due to budget issues, as many Kickstarter campaigns have failed due to this problem, or perhaps an issue between Team17 and Lilith Ltd., for now we can only speculate.

Were looking forward to Allison Road or did you expect it to make the list of the many failed projects under Kickstarters growing list? Let us know in the comments below!

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