Aw Yes, Top Spin Spiritual Successor Tennis World Tour Announced

Soon, you'll be able to go on another tennis world tour with Tennis World Tour.

By Daavpuke, Posted 19 May 2017

Gather ‘round, kids, for this is a story from a time when tennis games were popular; real tennis games. In 2003, the original Xbox released Top Spin, a tennis simulation game of unheard realism. This release received sizable critical acclaim and stands at a Metacritic rating of 89. The game’s success would eventually lead to ports and several sequels, until the well dried up in 2011 with Top Spin 4.

Today, publisher Bigben Interactive announced Tennis World Tour. Created by a new development studio, Breakpoint, this sports game is specifically crafted for those who loved the Top Spin franchise. In a quote from former 2K Czech producer, Pierre André, it states:

“For years we've wanted to create a new tennis game, a spiritual successor to Top Spin 4. Technical evolutions now mean we can create the ultra-realistic simulation that we've been dreaming of.”

Tennis World Tour,Top Spin

Developer Breakpoint consists of several veteran developers, who previously worked on the Top Spin series, whose name and trademarks are still with 2K parent company, Take-Two Interactive. The newly formed studio also includes sport consultants and “high-level players and coaches.”

Tennis World Tour will release somewhere in 2018 for PC and undetermined consoles. The game will feature over 30 playable athletes. Some of the names confirmed are: Roger Federer, Gaël Monfils, Angelique Kerber and Garbiñe Muguruza. Additionally, one of the game’s mechanisms includes a strategic preparation before the match, which may alter the gameplay.

With Tennis World Tour, Bigben Interactive increases its focus on sports games. Previously, the publisher has held its grip on rally titles and recently announced WRC 7, as the next in the series.

Top Spin used to have quite the following. Hopefully, Tennis World Tour can recapture at least some of its challenging aspects for the modern day. More of the game will be unveiled at Gamescom 2017.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed (@Daavpuke)

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