Last week it was shown that Kingdom Hearts III was leaked and some gamers were able to gain access to an early copy. In response Square Enix not only released a statement but it seems that the person responsible was captured.

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As seen in the image above the statement claims that Square Enix is aware of how the leak happened and was taking steps to ensure that information regarding the title won't be spoiled. In addition, the English voice actor for Lee, better known as Axel, tweeted that he heard the person was "captured".

As you read the tweets someone stole copies and sold them off but some the those who purchased the game sent his information to Disney and Square who took action.

Last I heard they captured the guy responsible.

— Quinton Flynn Official (@quintonflynn) December 16, 2018

Kingdom Hearts III is set for a January 25th, 2019 release for Xbox One and PS4.

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