Valve Releases Over 10 Minutes of New Half-Life: Alyx Gameplay

New gameplay of Half-Life: Alyx released

By Grayshadow, Posted 02 Mar 2020

After a decade of gamers asking a new entry in the Half-Life series is almost here. The VR exclusive title has 3 new gameplay trailers now available to the public. Featuring Alyx heading into the Subway, escaping the Xen, and fighting her way through Combine soldiers.

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In the first section, Subway serves as a tutorial of what the player can do. Giving the player ample interaction with the items including Alyx heading at a med station. We also see how walking will work. With the player highlighting a specific area to head towards. The gravity gauntlet was also shown, with Alyx grabbing a kerosine tank and towards a Headcrab Zombie.

The second trailer shows Alyx showing puzzles. With the player navigating a 3D hologram to open a door. Next, Alyx heads into an area full of Xen, slowly navigating the narrow hallways.

The final trailer shows an active firefight. Until now Alyx has been facing zombies and stationary creatures. The Combine are much more deadly and will actively flank and keep Alyx pinned. Here Valve shows how the player can use the environment in impressive ways. Opening a car door for protection and using the inside of a Portable Potty as a temporary cover. Even more impressive is that the player catches grenades mid-air and throw them back!

The interactive elements in Half-Life: Alyx is outstanding! But we'll have to see if the narrative and gameplay can match the previous game's acclaim.

Half-Life: Alyx launches for Steam this March 23rd.

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