Roxxom Rhino isn't like the original, now he's truly invisible but not undefeatable. Here's how to beat the upgraded Rhino.

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Don't depend on Phin for help, she's basically useless in this fight. Instead, you'll have to deal with crowd-control of the Roxxom soldiers and Rhino. When Rhino charges dodge to trigger a rodeo like in the first fight and navigate Rhino into one of the tanks. Once down start beating him to tear off the Roxxom armor, Venom strikes are useless during this phase. However, you can use Venom strikes to disable the guards or fight them for charging purposes. The best option to push them away is the Venom Slam or Venom Jump.

With Rhino's armor all gone he'll start throwing tanks. These tanks contain batteries which you must charge using Venom Strike and toss them at Rhino. Be careful as he'll attack when you try this and use star-pattern ground pounds to drain your Venom. In addition, the Roxxom troops will attack more aggressively towards Miles instead of Phin. Use any finishers on the troops as it'll charge you meter and reduce the number of enemies you'll have to deal with. Keep up the assault until his armor is destroyed then you can start using your Venom strikes to take Rhino down.

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