Here we are, the Tinkerer. This insane creator has the bizarre plan to destroy a skyscraper using a dangerous fuel source by a residential neighborhood for revenge believing no one will get hurt in the aftermath. Here's how to stop the Tinkerer.

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The first phase is similar to other Underground warriors. Use your Venom strike to disable Tinkerer's armor and starting hitting back.

Phase 2 things get hectic. You can no longer use direct attacks and have to wait for Tinkerer to use her ground pound slash. This will get her stuck but you have to dodge precisely to avoid the shockwave. Use Triangle to charge forward and start hitting using a combination of Venom strikes and basic attacks. Do enough strikes and you can cause massive damage using a finisher attack.

Tinkerer will use her cannon at a long-range, which is easy to dodge, and then charge after 3 blasts. If Miles gets too close she'll use an AOE blast. She'll continue with this pattern until Phase 3.

Phase 3 will have Tinkerer using cannons, which can be destroyed using L1 and R1. This can stun her and allow Miles to get in close with Triangle. If you stay too long in melee range, like Rhino, she'll toss you back dealing major damage. If you need more Venom just stay back and start dodging her cannon blast. If you're having trouble getting in close use cloaking and immediately charge before she can set up more cannons.

In the final phase, Tinkerer will start sending saw blades. You have to dodge these 3 times before Tinkerer has to recharge. This is the only opening you'll have to deal damage. As before, your Venom strikes to stun her and deal extra damage and use your Finishers to deal heavy damage. Do this until she falls.

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