Miles Uncle, aka the Prowler, wants to keep Miles safe. Miles breaks free and now must face his uncle before he can stop Phin.

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The Prowler is a pretty easy fight as long as you mastered the perfect dodge. Prowler relies heavily on his cloaking and when he attacks you can dodge and counterattack for some heavy damage. Unlike past bosses, he has no defense against Miles' electrical abilities, so go nuts. Prowler won't attack without decloaking first so you can easily predict his next action.

During the second phase, Prowler will start to use Decoys but you can easily destroy these with Venom Strikes. They're also great for charging Venom. As before, dodge when needed and counter-attack. Your Venom strikes, if upgraded, will stun everyone in the area including Prowler, making it easy to attack.

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Platform(s): PS4
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