Happy's Humble Burger Farm - How to Beat Charlie

Kill Charlie the Chicken

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Dec 2021

Charlie is one of the harder fights in Happy's Humble Burger Farm due to the many layers of the fight. Here's how to defeat the evil chicken.

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First, it's in your best interest to locate 3 pipes. These are littered throughout the stage and storing them in your backpack will make things way easier. There's 1 found in the first area, in the second area by the large painting, and 1 in the power room to be exact. There are way more but these are the easiest.

Next up make sure you gather the sandwich ingredients before heading into the generator room. You'll need to make 3 full sandwiches during the fight but you can get some of the ingredients beforehand. Cheese is found by the large painting in the second room leading to the large hallway, when heading through the vent on the right side of the same room you'll come out to an operating room that has picked in the corner opposite of the door. Onions are located in the generator room in the hallway.

Make sure you gather 3 of each but get 4 more if you want. Now get to the grill. In the first room on the right when entering the red hallway you'll be in a green room. It's the next room where you found the pickles. You'll see a vent highlighted by a green light, enter and you'll find buns and the meat. Store the ingredients you found in this room, they won't despawn.

Now go free Charlie by heading to the generator room and restoring the power. Just match the indicators on the screen 4 times to the highlighted cone. You can hide inside the vent in the same room to avoid Charlie who'll come and get some coffee and a power bar, the coffee will allow you to run faster than Charlie.

Head down the hallway and take a right, the room on the left contains tomatoes and another pipe if you need it. Return to the white hallway and take the vent, you'll find more patties and a disk of the survivor. Head down to find Charlie's room and go back.

Now head to the first room where the bridge collapsed and take a left inside the boiler room. Fit the pipes and hide as Charlie will come to inspect.

With the boiler restored and the ingredients found construct the sandwiches and head to Charlie's room. Place the burgers in the dish and the vent should open. Charlie will eventually walk into the room and attempt to eat, pushing the button to kill it. If you're feeling gutsy you can lure Charlie in quickly and use the vent, then push the button to kill the chicken. It's possible but has to be done quickly.

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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