What We Want from Watch Dogs 2

Hopefully Watch Dogs 2 will resolve all the issues of the first game

By Grayshadow, Posted 29 Mar 2016

Watch Dogs 2 has been officially confirmed and many of us are hoping the game resolves a lot of the issues the first game had. Watch Dogs released with a lot of criticism, and a graphical controversy, and now it’s time for Ubisoft to resolve these issues for the next game. They did it once for Assassin’s Creed they can do it again with Watch Dogs. Here is what we want from Watch Dogs 2.

Mission Diversity and Better Rewards

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Most of the side missions in Watch Dogs featured the same situation over and over again. Outside from the story missions the side objectives had players treading through mediocre tasks just for experience. What added salt to the wounds was the final payoff, which offered nothing substantial other than experience. The next installment should focus on quality, not quantity and grant players some sort of reward. Especially if it relates to the main story.

Breath Life into the World

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The world of Watch Dogs was impressively designed but dull. Hacking into people’s devices and learning their dirty secrets was entertaining but the hollow world began to show over time. The same messages kept popping up and avatars in the world didn’t interact with the environment. They simply exist to fill the streets with NPCs.

Having the player’s actions affect the world around them would add another layer of complexity. This could include people committing to criminal acts after Aiden steals their life savings, such as attacking one another or robbing stores, or the cops reinforcing security terminals to make hacking more difficult. Watch Dogs 2 should highlight that consequences of the player's actions, without that feeling of importance player's lose interest in exploring the many paths hidden in the darkness.

Make Hacking Less Mainstream

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Hacking was central theme throughout Watch Dogs. Creating roadblocks, spying on people, and causing massive blackouts were incredibly entertaining but eventually grew dull. The vexing hacking mini-games amplified this annoyance, making each encounter a dreadful chore. Instead of repeating the same mini-game adding more options of how to tackle each hack would add a refreshing take to the hacking mechanics. In one instance you play a mini-game, in another you have to connect specific junction points, or perhaps giving the player multiple hacking options but you only have the ability to choose one.

Refine Aiden Pearce or Leave Him

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Not a lot of people remember Aiden Pearce because he was boring. The Vigilante never reached acclaimed, mainly due to his one-dimensional persona. Throughout Watch Dogs he never did or said anything interesting, simply treading from one objective to another. Challenging his brand of justice or attempting or having him become raddled with guilt would've added some much needed life into Aiden's personality.

Another option would be to change the main character altogether. Have Aiden step into the background, similar to Altair in the first Assassin's Creed, and have a new character take the spotlight. It would give Ubisoft a clean slate, mold a new character from the edifice left by Aiden.

What would you like see in Watch Dogs 2, tell us in the comments below!

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