Pathfinder Kingmaker Receives Definitive Update, Console Patches

Turn-based mode and new features arrive

By Fragnarok, Posted 19 Aug 2020

Pathfinder Kingmaker has received the Definitive Edition update on Steam. Among the main features is the new turn-based mode that more closely simulates the pen and paper’s combat system. Players can still switch to real-time with pause, allowing very dynamic gameplay. The PC version also has new controller support, making it play similar to the new console release. However, many PC owners who enjoyed modding their game have reported that Definitive Edition has rendered their save games unplayable.

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Related, the Xbox X and PlayStation 4 versions have both received a day-one version 1.01 patch. Weighing in at around 10+ gigabytes, these patches increase game stability and resolve shipped bugs. Players who had bought the physical disc took to Reddit and Twitter to complain that Deep Silver had initially released an incomplete game. Prior to the update, the console ports of Pathfinder Kingmaker contained numerous softlocks like black screens and unmovable characters; the PlayStation 4 disc also had errors which prevented many players from even starting the game. Version 1.01 has removed most of these issues.    

Kurtis Seid, NoobFeed

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