SIFU Launches PS5 And PS4 Retail Editions

The PC retail Deluxe Edition of SIFU is also available through selected retailers.

By Rayan, Posted 03 May 2022

Following the Free Content and Roadmap update by Sloclap on April 27, Sloclap has now announced the retail editions of SIFU for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 (Vengeance Edition) and PC (Deluxe Edition). Sloclap's second game, SIFU, is an elegant and true-to-combat Kung Fu game that explores themes of retribution and atonement after the multiplayer success Absolver.

SIFU, Sloclap, Vengeance Edition, Deluxe Edition, Kung Fu, Game, Absolver

The Vengeance Edition includes:

- An exclusive SteelBook
- SIFU's standard edition for PS5 or PS4
- The Art of SIFU's artbook
- The original game score (digital)
- 3 lithographs

The retail Deluxe Edition is also available for PC gamers. Three lithographs are included, a download ticket for the PC (Epic Games Store) edition of the game, a digital artbook called "The Art of SIFU," and digital music.

New difficulty settings (Student, Disciple, Master), a new advanced training mode, and a variety of new clothing for your character is included in the first free update for SIFU's retail editions. 
The following is a content plan for the course:

SIFU, Sloclap, Vengeance Edition, Deluxe Edition, Kung Fu, Game, Roadmap

SIFU recounts the tale of a young Kung Fu student who has spent their whole life practicing for a day of reckoning after the horrible death of their entire family by a secret assassination team.

One of the most exciting aspects of SIFU is how it combines the ferociousness and ageless excitement of beat 'em ups with the riveting presentation of 3D action games. To solve an old mystery in a fictional Chinese city, you will face a series of challenging encounters that will push your abilities to the maximum! You'll have to depend on your Kung Fu skills and a mystical amulet to help you survive the odds piled against you. However, the price of magic is high, and you'll age dramatically each time you return to the world of the living. Time is a price you will have to pay if you want to retaliate against someone.

Sloclap's martial arts gameplay skill perfectly complements the game's hand-drawn graphic style, which pays homage to Kung Fu cinema classics with timeless themes of retribution and forgiveness. Make your journey into the martial arts a really enlightening one with SIFU.

The Digital versions of SIFU PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC (Epic Games Store) will be available on February 8, 2022. Vengeance Edition will be available on May 3, 2022, for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. We'll keep you posted with more updates on SIFU, while you can check our SIFU PlayStation 4 Review.

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