Lost Ark's 'The Witcher' Crossover Begins January 18th

Amazon's MMORPG summons CD Projekt Red's Witcher Cast for a new adventure

By AlexJohn, Posted 10 Jan 2023

Geralt and his allies from CD Projekt Red's The Witcher trilogy are coming to the popular MMORPG Lost Ark in January for a limited time. Between January 18th and February 22nd players will be able to travel to a new island and take part in Geralt's latest adventure.

Published by Amazon Games and developed with Smilegate, Lost Ark was first launched in South Korea in 2019, and then in the west in 2022. Lost Ark features a large, expansive fantasy world for players to discover; exploring "seven continents, hundreds of islands, and all the seas between them." It is on one of these islands, White Wolf Haven, that players can find Geralt of Rivia and his allies. Geralt, his adopted daughter Ciri, the sorceress Yennefer of Vengerburg and Triss Merigold, and the bard Dandelion can all be met during the event. White Wolf Haven's festivities have been interrupted by these new arrivals and a "mystifying vortex" and it is up to the player to solve the mysteries of White Wolf Haven and return Geralt and his friends to their own world.

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There will be plenty of Witcher-inspired cosmetics available including a special pack that contains a Geralt skin, Ciri skin, and weapon skins implementing Geralt's iconic wolf Witcher medallion in their designs. Likewise completing story quests and daily quests for Dandelion, Yennifer, and the others will reward players with items including Witcher Potions, 3 Jukebox songs, a new Card Set featuring the five guest characters, and a Stronghold structure.

The Lost Ark x The Witcher crossover is only available to those that have completed the "[Set Sail!] Main Story Quest, which unlocks the ability to sail around Arkesia". To access the event simply speak to a Guild Investigator in one of Lost Ark's many major cities. Alongside the crossover event comes a set of quality-of-life improvements and via Twitch Drops the chance to get Witcher-inspired Mokoko skins.

Lost Ark is available now on PC, and The Witcher crossover begins on January 18th.

Alex Johnson (@AlexJohnWriting)
News Editor, NoobFeed

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