Genshin Impact Like RPG Wuthering Waves Gets A Closed Beta Tomorrow

Wuthering Waves: A Genshin Impact like game with lot's of promise is getting a closed beta and registrations are open.

By R3GR3T, Posted 20 Mar 2023

Kuro Game first came into the scene with Punishing: Gray Raven, a sci-fi action role-playing game with a stunning demonstration of mobile hardware's capabilities. During TGS 2022, they showcased their next game, Wuthering Waves gameplay, and some community members immediately compared and contrasted the game to Genshin Impact. But that didn’t hold them back, as the Chinese developer has announced that Wuthering Waves will enter Closed Beta tomorrow, 21 March 20, 2023. The announcement was made through a teaser video while briefly showcasing the world of Wuthering Waves.

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What we know so far about Wuthering Waves is that it showcases gameplay similar to Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact. Both games play well into the open-world MMORPG aspects. However, Tower of Fantasy has the drawback of a mechanic similar to the dreaded “Lootboxes” which can be farmed for or bought using the premium currency, while Genshin Impact monetizes heavily on the cosmetic shop. Those two drawbacks can leave a bitter taste in anybody’s mouth and make a game less appealing.

However, it’s not yet confirmed if Wuthering Waves will take on a similar monetization, but there are some redeeming qualities as seen in a gameplay demo video that would set the game apart from its counterparts. The emphasis on movement shows how exploring the world will be a lot more diverse with things like wall running, gliding through the air, climbing with a grappling hook and more.

The biggest major mechanic we know of so far that Wuthering Waves will have to offer is known as the “Echo System. Battling it out with and defeating monsters make those same monsters drop collectibles containing abilities known as “Echoes”. These can, in turn, be used to strengthen your character or Resonators as referred to in the game.

Based on what we could see from another gameplay trailer, the combat system does have a similar feel to Genshin Impact, but it also looks a lot smoother in the sense where chaining attacks for efficient take-downs will be possible. That efficiency will play a big part in Wuthering Waves with a wide expanse of monsters, abilities to explore, and an even bigger world to see. We have high hopes and even higher expectations that Wuthering Waves can be a match for games like Genshin Impact.

Wuthering Waves will be releasing for PC, Android, and iOS, but no release date is set yet.

Jay Claassen
Editor, NoobFeed

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General Information

Platform(s): PC
Publisher(s): Kuro Game
Developer(s): Guangzhou Kuro Technology Co., Ltd.
Genres: Role-Playing
Themes: Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Release Date: 2023

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