Latest Overwatch Developer's Update Explains New Hero Ashe in Detail

Get an inside look into Ashe's backstory and abilities

By Grayshadow, Posted 07 Nov 2018

Recently, Ashe was confirmed as the newest hero for Overwatch. In addition, the new hero was part of McCree's opening called Reunion. However, director Jeff Kaplan decided to provide a new update to explain Ashe in detail.

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Ashe comes from a wealthy family but was neglected, thus leading to her rebellious lifestyle and eventually leader of the Deadlock gang. She worked with McCree before the 2 had a falling out.

Ashe is an offensive character with a semi-automatic rifle called Viper. This weapon can be fired from the hip or by holding down the sights for better aim but reduce rate of fire.

Ashe's Coach shotgun can deal heavy close range damage but propels both Ashe and the target back. She can also throw dynamite that can be shot for quick activation that does an area of effect damage over a period of time.

Her ultimate is called B.O.B. where she calls on her omnic ally who can be boosted for added damage. He wields a large arm cannon and can deal heavy damage while being a mobile target as well.

Ashe is now available in the PTR realm but no official release date was provided. Expect new achievements/trophies when she goes live.

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