Pokemon Sword and Shield Will Hit Nintendo Switch this November

Pokemon Sword and Shield coming this fall

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Jun 2019

It's not even E3 2019 yet and Nintendo has revealed the release date for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Coming to Nintendo Switch this November 15th players can dive into the brand new installment of the long-running Pokemon series.

This game takes place in the Galar Region which is based on the UK. Players choose from Grookey, Sobbie, and Scorbunny before venturing out to fight various gyms and then the Pokemon League. The formula has returned to its classic roots as opposed to Pokemon Sun and Moon. The new legendary Pokemon are Zacian for Sword and Zamazenta for Shield. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield,NoobFeed,

Pokemon Sword and Shield,NoobFeed,

Pokemon Sword and Shield launches for Nintendo Switch this November 15th.

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