The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 - In Sheep's Clothing

Episode four of The Wolf Among Us has its moments, but to say the least, it's disappointing.

By XboxBetty, Posted 10 Jun 2014

*Contains spoilers*

Mr. Big Bad Wolf's investigation continues in episode four of The Wolf Among Us - In Sheep's Clothing, slowly moving players towards the series' finale. Much of the excitement felt for the series at its premiere has faded, leaving these final episodes lingering, played only for the sake of completion.

In episode three we saw Bigby face-to-face with one Bloody Mary, and in episode four more is revealed about the mysterious Crooked Man. These two characters alone should be enough to pull the episode forward, yet it tends to drag along, divulging little about the duo and leaving any excitement left for The Wolf Among Us in 2013.

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With episode three's closing, it wasn't hard to come to the conclusion that Bigby would pull through, surviving the gruesome beat down he received from his enemies. Indeed, what everyone knew, held true. The episode opens with Bigby having his wounds tended to and an emotional Snow and Colin expressing their concerns for his well being. Bigby is clearly in pain with silver bullet fragments lodged under his skin, broken ribs and an exposed bone rendering his arm nearly immobile.

Telltale Games, The Wolf Among Us, Episode 4, In Sheep's Clothing, Review, Screenshot

Players are given the full, painful experience when Bigby proceeds to fix the fracture himself, putting the bone back in its place with the push of a button and a series of clicks. This opening scene is cringe worthy, memorable and hard to stomach, however, after this moment, the episode gears down a bit, delving more into the investigative side of the story and the more drab decision making angle.

However important, the material between this opening scene and the episode's conclusion feels like filler, there to take up space, revealing pertinent information, yet boring players along the way. Beauty and Beast confess their problems to Bigby, an underground operation is exposed within a butcher shop and not a whole lot more occurs.

Telltale Games, The Wolf Among Us, Episode 4, In Sheep's Clothing, Review, Screenshot

Episode four is mundane, but still, it has its moments. Along with the exciting opening scene, a heated confrontation occurs at the Lucky Pawn between Bigby, the Woodsman and the Jersey Devil. This is by far the highlight of In Sheep's Clothing, with Jersey's true form coming forward and the action we love from the series being showcased. This brawl may even be the best action sequence seen in the series so far, with Jersey's disgusting musculoskeletal features and track star physical abilities giving Bigby a run for his money.

In Sheep's Clothing comes to an end with Bigby finally coming face to face with the Crooked Man and his gang of Fables. Few words are exchanged between the pair and the scene wraps up just as quickly as it began. To say the least, this is disappointing.  

Telltale Games, The Wolf Among Us, Episode 4, In Sheep's Clothing, Review, Screenshot

In struggling to enjoy the short episode, players may question the entire series in itself. Is The Wolf Among Us overhyped? Was it worth players' time and money? Only time will tell, with the series' final episode, Cry Wolf,  on the horizon. In all hopes, episode five will pull the previous episodes together, providing more of the action we love and showing us the consequences of our decisions, offering a more whole, complete experience.

Megan Bethke (@XboxBetty), NoobFeed

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