Mass Effect 3: Leviathan

Everything has an origin

By Grayshadow, Posted 01 Sep 2012

Bioware has released a steady amount of downloadable content such as new multiplayer maps, weapons, and the single-player campaign From Ashes. Like From Ashes, which expanded the history of the Protheans, Leviathan dives deeper into the past and centers on how the Reapers came into existence. In the three hours it takes to complete Mass Effect 3: Leviathan you will be exposed to a lot of interesting information about the Reapers existence but won’t care about the battles that you fought along the way.

The DLC starts with you receiving an email from Admiral Hackett explaining about vital research that may tip the war. After heading the Citadel you are introduced to the leader of Project Aurora, Dr. Bryson, who has been investigating what appears to be a Reaper Killer. I won’t spoil what happens next but the creature they are searching for doesn’t want to be found, but when billions are at risk Shepard can’t ignore what can be a deadly ally against the Reapers. The focus is searching for Leviathan there is little dialogue between the characters, unless you are romantically involved for one of them don’t expect a lot of emotional dialogue. A steady flow of information is given to you throughout your journey and when the final unveiling happens you will be in awe, especially if you complete the game with Leviathan done.

Mass Effect 3, Leviathan, Review, Trailer, ME3

Leviathan is intended to be a story driven DLC and succeeds in doing so, but fails to create any interesting combat situations. The presentation of Leviathan is wonderfully done with massive Reaper forces attempting to murder you to massive oceanic waves slamming against the platform; it’s a shame that these are wasted on such mundane missions. Most of the objectives have you of escorting drones, collecting intelligence, repairing damage equipment, and eliminating all the same enemies you’ve fought before. While you do gain access to five new weapon modifications, two weapons, and a new power called Dominate it is not enough to overshadow the stale missions.

Mass Effect 3, Leviathan, Review, Trailer, ME3

While Leviathan fails to deliver anything spectacular in terms of gameplay it does add a large amount of information to the Mass Effect chronology. The addition of impressive new elements to the story that were previously unknown is a treat for any long-term Mass Effect fan. Leviathan doesn’t create a balance between intense gameplay and story but delivers a stunning new addition to the Mass Effect universe.

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed (@twitter)

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