Xbox Games Showcase - Destiny 2 Beyond Light

A glimpse at how Guardians will truly wield the Darkness

By TKras98, Posted 23 Jul 2020

Today during the Xbox Games Showcase, we have seen several new announcements, new trailers, and new reveals. One of the more interesting segments focused on Bungie, and their plans moving forward.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light: A Hunter using their Stasis Super

Players got a highlight reel of new abilities Guardians will be able to use in Beyond Light. Stasis grenades and abilities seem to all have a few key abilities revolving around solid structure. Some abilities seem like they will be able to create walls and platforms, freeze enemies, and shatter their frozen foes.

Another major announcement was that Destiny 2 will be arriving on Game Pass soon, with all of the game’s DLC to boot. Players who are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass will be able to get their hands on the complete Destiny 2 experience. This is on top of the recently announced plans to bring Xbox’s streaming service: xCloud, to Game Pass subscribers. This means players will be able to play Destiny 2 Beyond Light anywhere.

Tyler Krasnai
Editor, NoobFeed

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