The Legend of Korra Video Game Released Date and New Mode

Experience the world of pro-bending in The Legend of Korra video game this fall

By Grayshadow, Posted 25 Aug 2014

Since it was announced by Activision and Platinum Games fans have been looking forward to the release date of the downloadable combat game, The Legend of Korra. Producor of the game, Robert Conkey, revealed that the game will release on October 21 on PlayStation Network and PC, and October 22 on Xbox Marketplace. 

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Conkey also revealed a new pro-bending mode, a recreation of the pro-bending sport in The Legend of Korra television show, that will unlock in the game after completing the main campaign. The 3 versus 3 match has players attempting to gain territory by knocking the opposing team outside specifically marked lines on the arena floor. At the end of the match the team with the most territory, or has completely pushed the entire team off the end of the platform, wins.

The pro-bending mode will have 3 difficultly modes and will be single-player. Korra will be limited to waterbending and joined by Team Avatar, which includes Bolin the earthbender and Mako the firebender. 

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The Legend of Korra video game takes place during the events of Book 2 and Book 3, with the television series now heading into Book 4. The game will introduce the villains of Book 3 which was recently concluded. Conkey added that a special screen will appear at the end of the game for those who play the game.

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