Devil May Cry 5 Players Can Purchase Red Orbs with Real Money

Microtransactions coming to Devil May Cry 5

By Grayshadow, Posted 23 Sep 2018

Some heavy news came today about Devil May Cry 5. It has been confirmed that the game will contain microtransactions that provide players the option to purchase Red Orbs and gain an advantage.

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Speaking with Gamespot director Hideaki Itsuno stated:

"With giving people the ability to purchase Red Orbs, it’s something we want to give people as an option. If they want to save time and just want to get all the stuff at once, those people can do that. But on the other hand I don’t feel you have to get all the moves, " said Itsuno. "You should be able to play it the way you want to play it."

"It’s interesting because from a game design point of view there’s two different things we think about when we set the prices of the moves, skills, and abilities [which can be purchased with Red Orbs]," he explained. "The first thing is the stuff that we feel people should want to get first is made cheaper. So people will think, ‘Oh this is cheap so I’m just going to buy this.’ But then for the stuff that’s going to be harder to use and master, we make that more expensive. Partly because of you save up for that you’re not going to be able to buy as many skills, so you’re going to have the time to learn it. So you have to make the decision between going for the cheaper stuff or saving up, getting the thing that has a lot of application but you’ll have to spend time learning and perfecting."

Red Orbs have been a staple within the  Devil May Cry franchise since its debut. Allowing players to purchase upgrades and items to help recover health, restore devil trigger, and continue after dying mid-mission. This option to purchase the items instead of earning them devalues the experience and will leave many asking "if you can purchase items to skip ahead then why should they play the game?"

A similar argument was provided by WB Games when Middle-earth: Shadow of War was released, giving players the option to skip through a majority of the game and purchase Uruks instead of recruiting them. The marketplace was removed in 2018, forcing Monolith to rebalance the entire game.

Devil May Cry 5 launches on March 8th, 2019 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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