The Surge 2 Boss Guide How to Defeat Warden Garcia

Kill the Warden and gain your freedom

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Sep 2019

You've killed Nitro and about to leave the prison. The only thing standing in your way is Warden Garcia, fortunately, the beast who is also inside the prison has killed his guards. Now it's just him and you.

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Warden Garcia has 3 primary attacks. A basic swing, a leaping attack, and his firebombs. He also has a drone that can shoot the player.

First off, block the drone's line of sight to prevent getting shot. Use the environment to block incoming fire or you can time the shots and evade.

Next up, Garcia will attack to close the gap with a leaping attack. He can redirect his jump mid-flight so make sure you dodge when he's about to land to avoid being damaged. Garcia has no back attack, which is the best way to deal damage, about 2-3 light attacks, before evading back. Directional parry does make this fight much easier but if you're not confident in your skills evading works just as well. 

During the fight, Garcia will launch firebombs, 3 to be exact, in the direction you're in. Watch for their launch and dodge when they get close, Garcia can walk into the fire and it will deal damage but not a lot. Target the unarmored pieces to deal more damage but if you want his weapon, target his right arm and slice it off.

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