The Surge 2 Boss Guide How to Defeat Nanomonster (Delver)

Defeat the Nanomonster

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Sep 2019

After activating the third tower the Nanomonster will retreat underground and this is where the battle will take place. In the starting area of the garden area, by the camp. 

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The Nanomonster, named Delver, has 3 phases. The first one is pretty basic. The Nanomonster will head towards the player and attack with 1-3 swipes with its large claws. It'll also charge if you get too far. Right before an attack it'll either roar, open its arms, or glow red, this is your cue to evade back as the claw attacks have a massive range. Don't use your drone, save it for the final phase but you can use the EMP for some added damage.

The best weapon for this entire fight is the GAIA Spear but any quick weapon will due. You can parry the creature but like previous boss fights, this requires multiple parries to knock the boss off balance. Take the first phase slow and attack with 2-5 light attacks, depending on the weapon, and evade back.

When the second phase begins Delver will have a brief period of invulnerability during the transformation. This last about 2 seconds then a non damage explosion will follow, its here where you can get some free swings in.

During this phase, Delver is much faster. Now it swings with 2 massive claw attacks, an AOE spin that is telegraphed when it slightly picks itself up, a short and long charge attack, and a projectile attack when it leaps onto the ceiling. Hit the creature until it starts to do anything but walk, every other animation except walking is an attack. The claw and AOE attacks can be dodged by evading back and the charging attacks by dodging left or right.

When it launches itself onto the ceiling, it'll launch 2 sets of projectiles. Destroy them but on the third, start evading as it'll charge down. If you're close enough without taking damage you can get some free hits in. As before, prioritize defense and evasion and attack when it's walking around or on the floor.

The third phase is the hardest since Delver can kill you in 2-3 hits. The creature will also leave a trial of Nanomachines. Use your drone here and attack after it attacks. Do not stay inside the creature's attack range more than 2 seconds after it finishes attacking or it starts to swing. If you get too far Delver will either charge with a leap towards the player or send a shockwave linear by jumping in the same place. If it leaps, keep dodging and counter-attack when it's about to get up. Keep whittling down its health and avoid the Nanomachines and eventually, Delver will die. 

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