The Surge 2 Noob Guide Tips and Tricks

5 tips to help you in The Surge 2

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Sep 2019

The Surge 2 is brutally difficult. You're going to die and expected to learn from every minor mistake. However, after beating the game we have constructed some tips to aid in your journey. Here are 5 tips for The Surge 2.

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Slice and Grind

Seems expected, you earn resources by killing enemies and use those supplies to level up. However, depending on what body parts you slice will determine what items you'll get. If you need arm or leg upgrades, cut off those limbs. Weapons are limited to the right arm and implants are the head area.

This is important later on in the game as set bonuses for armor can prove invaluable during later boss encounters.

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Stick to What You're Good At

Certain weapons have select strengths and weaknesses but The Surge 2 mostly allows you to use whatever you enjoy. For example, I enjoy spears and when I obtained the GAIA Spear I constantly upgraded it. With the exception of the starter weapons, most items benefit from constant upgrades as opposed to ditching an old weapon for a new one.

The same goes for armor. If you enjoy a certain bonus provided by an armor set, you can keep upgrading it.

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Stamina is Life

Your energy and health are important features but if you cannot move then you're dead. Mobility is always important in The Surge 2 and having implants, points, or armor that boost stamina is always ideal.

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Better to Run

Whether it's returning to a boss fight or getting past a difficult area, sometimes it's better to run through. Some areas have unforgivably powerful enemies in large amounts. These areas start to become frequent during the halfway point of the game but sometimes you don't have to fight everything. In fact, if you find an opening usually you can run through. The enemies do have a maximum distance they will chase you.

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Unique Weapons

The boss enemies in The Surge 2 are not easy. They will beat you into the ground in a second but they also have powerful weapons you can loot. The only way to obtain some of these weapons is by slicing off specific body parts. Some, like the Goddess Helena, limb that needs to be cut off is easy to spot. But others like Little Johnny will require some critical thinking. However, slicing these body parts will provide the play access to the most powerful and rarest weapons in the game.

Have any more tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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Tips and Tricks

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