The Surge 2 Boss Guide How to Defeat Transhuman

One final fight

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Sep 2019

The Surge 2 ends with a massive boss fight against the Transhuman, better known as Brother Eli. Now taken on the form of an angelic hybrid and calling himself Archangel Eli this fight won't be easy.

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Thankfully, this fight only has 1 phase with Eli making his attacks even more deadly and attacking more rapidly as the fight continues. Most of Eli's attacks are close range swings that can be dodged or parried at the right time. When you target a specific body part, make sure to commit as it'll reveal his soft inner body. Allowing you to cause more damage.

Unless you're confident in your parry skills or have insane amounts of health, light attack and duck out immediately. Occasionally Eli will throw his sword at you but this can be easily dodged by evading left or right constantly. Be careful of his charging stab, Eli will glow red before doing this but if it connects he'll take a massive chunk of your health. In addition, Eli will summon bundles of Nanonites, similar to the duplicating enemies you fought before this fight, and lock you in place unless destroyed. It's easy to avoid but getting locked into one means death as you're at the mercy of Eli.

As the fight progresses, Eli will attack with more frequently and leave very little open to get attacked. Your best opportunity is to hit him during his charging attacks and dodging at the right moment. 2 attacks that leave Eli open are when he's about to send a shockwave, hunched over and about to do a low vertical slash, and when walking with his sword floating on his side.

This fight is all about timing and trying to find an opening. Unlike previous boss fights, the best opportunity to attack comes when Eli is about to attack as opposed to after.

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