The Surge 2 Boss Guide How to Defeat Little Johnny

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By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Sep 2019

Little Johnny is the first real boss fight you'll have in The Surge 2. And despite his name Little Johnny is not little, instead, he pilots a giant mech. Here's how to take it down.

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The fight centers on breaking the cooling tanks on the mech. There are 5 in total, 3 on the legs and 2 on the cockpit. The best targets are the cockpit followed by the legs. This is because that when a tank is broken they'll start to leak out corrosive gas and being in the center of that is certain death.

The best strategy is the try and stay underneath the boss. This will prompt him to either move or perform a stomp attack, making it easier to get to the cockpit tanks. It's easy to read since Johnny will extend his mech up before slamming down. If you have upgraded your drone with long-range atttacks you can shoot any part of the mech. Deal enough damage to the cockpits arms and slice them off will reward you with a rare poison weapon at the end of the fight.

When Johnny feels like he's in a corner he'll go into the air, dump a large amount of water, and start showering the field with EMP mines. When this happens DO NOT STAY IN THE AREA. Head to a different part of the area, Johnny will follow and he doesn't have any long-range attacks.

The legs are a bit harder to deal with. Johnny's arms are quick and very long. He has a sweeping attack and a slam attack that tracks the player. When he's sweeping evade forward or back to dodge the arm and when slamming head into his inner circle and take the corrosive hit. The energy you generate from attacking should provide enough energy for you to trigger a healing injector.

Keep your distance, spears and 1-hand swords are the best weapon here since they're quick. If you're confident in your parrying skills you can end this fight easily but evading works just as well. Remember not to get greedy, attack when an opening appears, and use your injectors.

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