The Surge 2 Boss Guide How to Defeat Eli

Eli's betrayal and your next big fight

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Sep 2019

Eli has betrayed you and now plans to kill you. After tricking you in killing his brother Johnny Eli plans to get rid of you but unlike his brother, all he has is a giant mace. Here's how to defeat the cult leader.

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Eli is a heavy close-range fighter but is weak to Fire and Electric damage. But prioritize speed over brute force and Eli can kill you in a few hits. You can use the EMP-44 Spark you got from the previous fight against Little Johnny to stun Eli and deal some damage.

First, only attack when Eli finishes his attack animation. Parrying works here but you need a couple of successful parries back to back to knock Eli off balance. Keep you drone ammo for the next phase but basically just evade and attack when Eli is open.

When his health is low Eli will call for help, kill them asap. They charged with Blue Spark so using your drone against them is ideal. But don't allow them to run around the field. Elie will continue with the same pattern. If you kill Eli before the adds they will leave the arena when their leader is dead.

As a side note, if you return to Brother Truman after Eli's death he'll attack you. And you can grab his weapon if you slice off his arm.

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