The Surge 2 Boss Guide How to Defeat Captain Cervantes

Defeat the rogue hunter

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Sep 2019

Captain Cervantes is one of the hunters to go rogue and one of the more difficult fights in the game. This due to the massive amount of enemies leading up to the fight and his incredible speed and cloaking device. Here's how to take him down.

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First off, do fight the enemies leading up to the fight. Just run to the area quickly. Unless you need to build up Injector charges.

Target Cervantes' head, targeting his chest will actually send him into a rage. Making him faster and stronger. Cervantes has 3 major attacks; a cloaking device to disappear, electrical mines that cover one side of the field when thrown, and a charging blade attack.

If you obtained the GAIA spear from the statues by slicing their right arm this fight will be much easier. As the weapon is quick and does high damage. Parrying will also make the fight easier but you can evade the attacks as another option.

The best opportunity to attack Cervantes is when he's cloaking and after an attack animation. When charging his blade attack, wait 3 seconds, dodge, and counter-attack. Cervantes is also weak to fire and your drone can do heavy damage but its best to save it for the end of the fight.

The electrical mines are like Little Johnny's mines. When they appear, head to the opposite side of the field. They do despawn after a short time but getting hit by one will leave you vulnerable since they will cause an electrical debuff.

Cervantes does not have phases and will use the same tactics throughout. After the fight is done you'll get access to his audio log and see what like of scumbag he is.

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