The Surge 2 Boss Guide Metal Armor and Major General Ezra Shields

Defeat the Major General who took Athena

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Sep 2019

After heading into the A.I.D. HQ the only thing standing between you an Athena is Major General Ezra Shields. Heres how to take him down.

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The fight will open up against his mech called Metal Armor. Target its leg and start your campaign of hit and run. This is because Metal Armor has 2 major close-range AOE attacks, a long-range flamethrower that leaves a trail of fire, a back kick, a Gatling gun, and a high-powered rifle.

The rifle and Gatling gun are easy to avoid, get underneath the mech to avoid being damaged. If the mech surrounded itself with fire, use the walls around the field as cover. When underneath the robot will either use its back kick if you're behind it, flamethrower or start spinning and shooting the ground. The key here is to take 1-2 hits, break its armor, and keep with it. Once the mech is destroyed Ezra will appear.

The mech isn't done and will still use its rifle and flamethrower but there not as accurate now. Keep listening for the hum of the rifle and the sound of fire. This will alert you to dodge. You can also use the environment to block oncoming fire. Since he's heavily armored you can target any part of his body but I recommend his arms since you'll get his fish weapons if you slice them off.

Ezra is a mix of Cervantes and Warden Garcia. He'll break the gap using large leaping attacks that can change direction mid-jump, shoot firebombs, and attack with powerful melee attacks. You can stun him using the EMP and your drone's fire will tear through his health. Like Garcia and Cervantes, wait for his attacking animation to end, hit back, and avoid the mech's gunfire.

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