Apex Legends Reveals Rampart Gameplay in Season 6 Trailer

The most recent Season 6 trailer details Rampart's unique abilities, some finishers, and even gives a peek into the game's upcoming crafting system.

By Kiemour, Posted 15 Aug 2020

Apex Legends is looking to start Season 6 on August 18 by bringing a new legend, weapon and even new sections of World's Edge. With the release of a new Season 6 trailer, players are able to watch the new hero Rampart in action for the first time. The trailer begins by showing Rampart setting up a turret and mowing down enemies from afar, which is likely her ultimate ability. Additionally, Gibraltar can be seen mounting a turret later in the trailer, hinting that teammates other than Rampart can make use of Shelia.

Included in the trailer are some new weapon skins, as well as gameplay of the battle royale's newest weapon, the Volt SMG. This gun was previously introduced in the Titanfall series, also made by Respawn. Although the gun has likely been balanced for the multiplayer experience, no further details concerning the weapon's accuracy or damage have been revealed. 

Season 6 will also introduce a new battle pass with unique weapon and character skins. But perhaps the most interesting new addition revealed in the trailer, are the fortifications included on World's Edge. Detailed earlier on the Apex Legends Twitter page, players now have the ability to raise blast walls on certain parts of the map by interacting with a button, similar to the Charge Towers located around King's Canyon. This wall will give players much needed cover during team fights or time to set up resources before charging an enemy. 

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One of the season's most anticipated features, crafting, has also been revealed in the trailer. Although it does not reveal where crafting stations can be found, it is implied that crafting stations are lootable items, similar to the mobile respawn beacon. In the trailer, the crafting station is seen on the side of a hill before setting up and allowing players to interact with it after a few seconds. 

During the split second that the crafting menu is on screen, players can glimpse a label above certain upgrades, reading "Daily" or "Weekly", hinting at a rotation of items for all players. The crafting system also introduces a new crafting currency to purchase these upgrades. The purchasable upgrades will power up players' weapons, including the return of the Turbocharger. In previous seasons of the game, the Turbocharger amplified the Devotion and the Havoc, and many fans are hoping that this is also an attachment for the new Volt weapon. 

The season 6 trailer reveals that players will definitely have to watch out for Rampart's turret, as it is capable of downing an entire team in seconds. Combined with her deployable cover that amplifies weapon shots, Apex Legends has introduced a new way to use the high ground and other vantage points. The newly introduced blast walls will likely be a safe haven against Rampart's turret, though it does not provide cover in all directions.

Apex Legends Season 6 launches on August 18, so players will have to act quickly to develop strategies against Rampart's unique abilities, as well as the new crafting system and Volt SMG. 

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed 

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